28 January 2007

Discovering Crater Lake

July 18th, 2006: The Little Merman basks on the sunny shore of Crater Lake.


I discovered Crater Lake this weekend!

I flew into a fit of organizing. It was ossum. I opened up all my file drawers, pulled out the detritus of my past, and fired up the shredder. I got one of those MailMate(tm) jobbies from Staples a couple weeks ago, the ones that'll shred junk mail, CDs, small automobiles, and the bones of your victims. Not that this is a product endorsement or anything, but - damn. That thing turns crapmail and old paper files into a fluffy pile of It Never Happened in no time flat. And you know all that "Easy Button" stuff Staples shows in its advertising? They do not lie. They are not shitting you. I ordered it online and they processed the rebate right then and there - none of this mail-in stuff - and, oh yeah, free shipping - and then it showed up the next day. It's as if they were waiting in the apartment downstairs. Maybe they are. I haven't looked recently. Maybe Staples is becoming as ubiquitous as Starbucks.

Anyway, my point is that were it not for the insatiable need of my new shredder, I probably wouldn't have gone on an organizing spree, which means those rolls of film that I shot on my vacation to Crater Lake last year would've gone undiscovered until my widow was cashing my life insurance check.

So enjoy these photos of Crater Lake courtesy of my new shredder. Cheers, -Thaddeus

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Anonymous said...

thank you. i'm freezing my tits off in a motorhome at 2F.
nice break.